Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nice & Nasty on the Escalator...

Zeke Kamm is a very nice man...

Sooooo nice (as a matter of fact) that he writes, designs, edits, and publishes a wonderful online magazine entitled: "Nice Photography Magazine."

Zeke has been kind enough to feature Nasty Clamps in his magazine, on his Facebook page, and -- just this past week -- over on his YouTube channel site.

Earlier this month, while we were both attending the huge Consumer Electronics Show (C.E.S.) in Las Vegas, Zeke asked if I'd be willing to give a videotaped "elevator pitch" about Nasty Clamps -- a brief lil' 30 to 60 second outline of the clamps and their capabilities.

I said, "No."

I then said that -- rather than doing an elevator pitch -- that I'd be "more than happy to give an escalator pitch."

Here's the result of that...

Obviously, I'd been drinking a LOT of coffee before riffing about the clamps.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cold, Wet, and... Errrrhhhh... Nasty.

There's a new Nasty Clamps video for you to check out, and it's entitled: "Cold, Wet, and Nasty."

Yes...  That's what it's called.

The original title for the video was going to be "Wet and Nasty," but that just sounded horribly, horribly wrong.  Also, neither the Nasty Wife nor the Nasty Children approved of that particular wording.

Despite the somewhat questionable title, the video is completely work safe, and is actually quite informative -- as it highlights the fact that a Nasty Clamp can be used in the water.

Here's the video:

Also, for those who watched and are now wondering...  No!  This was not shot in December or January.  Filming took place during a sunny (though still quite cold) day in September.  Hypothermia started to kick in right around the third and final take.